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After a lengthy wait to get frames through customs and delivered, the new order of road frames arrived yesterday.   I’d been out of stock in the 54cm and 56cm frames for a while – and just within the past 2 weeks, the 58cm frame.  All are back in plentiful stock now including a new 64cm size.  These frames are the same as the previous run of frames – no change and that extends to the color as well, orange, orange, and orange.  The geometry of the new 64cm size is here and the web store is open!  I’ve got plenty of Velo Orange and TRP brakes available in all color options to go with the new frames.  Tires too (need to add the Compass tires to the webstore as I’ve been stocking sizes that fit my frames) are available.  Wheelsets… you get the idea.

Now, I need to get back to prepping frames for shipping.  I hope I ordered enough 54cm and 56cm to last a while…

Verifying alignment of the new order of road frames

(What’s playing:  David Bowie See Emily Play)

3 responses to “Road Frames – All Sizes In Stock”

  1. Murray says:

    I subjected my Black Mountain Road bike to the 85km Enduro option of the 2017 Karioi Classic at Raglan, NZ, last weekend. About two-thirds gravel and 1800m of climbing. It performed flawlessly. Unlike the operator. I’m planning on rewarding it with a few new parts and some longer rides as summer looms. All the best Mike.

  2. Tim says:

    Orange bikes are the best bikes!

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