Monster Cross V5.2 In The House

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The day couldn’t have been worse.  From the day I learned the new Monster Cross frames had arrived in the port of Oakland, I started monitoring the weather forecasts.  This winter has been a wet one in Marin Co.  Really wet.

When I got the confirmation that the frames were to be delivered last Wednesday, I went to Plan B.  Plan A is to off-load the frames outside, organize them by size, pull all the frames that are pre-sold, and then load them into my storage area by size so they are nice and tidy.  Organized.  I like neat.  Plan B was to get them off the truck and into the shop as fast as possible because the rain was really coming down.  Back the truck up to the front door and this:

New Monster Cross frames arrive – Plan B

This shipment of frames totaled 66 and a few boxes of Monster Cross forks.  I got my work out that day.  After that photo was taken I did reorganize the frames by size because I don’t like disarray.

Alright, down to brass tacks, a bunch of frames were pre-sold and some of those folks have already received their frames.  Here’s what Bob said about his frame:  “Love it, the frame, the finish, the fork.  I’m glad I waited this long to order one.”  Thanks, Bob!  But don’t be like Bob and wait.  You can get yours now.  All sizes and colors are in stock and ready to ship.

However, if you’re a 54cm or 56cm frame size and like the Aurora Red, then you gotta act quick like because that was a popular size/color and I have only one each in those color/size combos.  All the other color/size combos are available in decent quantities.  When I say decent, I mean you can count on one hand the amount of frames I have available in each size/color combo.  But you’d have to have seven fingers to count the number of red 58cm frames.  Seven fingers?  Not unheard.

The website store has all the info on the new frames.  However, I’ve been having some issue with getting credit card orders automatically approved by my processor recently.  If you order a frame and get a message saying “contact customer service,” don’t try to reenter the order.  Send me an email with a few deets and I can get your order approved and in process.

What about forks?  You said you got some forks.  Yes, yes I did.  For the first time, I have Monster Cross forks available for sale  The fork is the same fork that I use on the V5 and V5.2 Monster Cross frames.  They are all painted in a semi-gloss black, are all 400mm axle to crown in either 50mm or 55mm offset, and they all have the same, super cool, Pacenti Paris-Brest-Paris fork crown.  There’s more info on the forks than you can shake a stick at this link.

Here’s some images of the Aurora Red and Semi-Gloss Black to whet your appetite.  Order your frame at this link!   Operators are standing by.

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  1. Leafslayer says:

    I’m curious, although I think I know the answer, what are your thoughts on squeezing a 135mm spaced hub in the rear?

    • blackmountaincycles says:

      Not a good idea to fit a 135 hub into a frame spaced for 130 – regardless of frame material. If you are interested in a frame, email me and we can talk about options. Mike

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