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Bike of The Year!  Yes, you read that right.  Guitar Ted bestowed the honor on his Orange Crush, his orange Black Mountain Cycles Monster Cross frame he bought from the very first run of frames back in February of 2011 – almost 6 years ago.  When I think to ask a buyer of one of my frames where they heard about them, chances are high that they read about them on Guitar Ted’s blog or website Riding Gravel.  For that, and the BOTY honor, I say, thank you, Guitar Ted (aka Mark Stevenson).  I’m humbled.

In the post, Guitar Ted writes “apparently there are enough folks digging the ride that when Mike comes out with a new batch, sizes in the most popular range sell out lickety-split. In fact, he is even taking pre-orders on frames now.”  Yes, that is definitely happening.  I see it’s been well over a month since I gave an update on the frames.  Everything that was noted in that post about current availability is try except the 62cm pink frame is gone.

On the road frameset front, 56cm frames are sold out.  For some reason, 56cm was overwhelming in its demand, far outstripping all other sizes in the rate the frames sold.  Because the other sizes did not sell at the same rate, I have really good supply and can’t justify ordering more frames for a quite a while.  I kind of blew the forecasting and bell curve for that order.  But you never know.  The next time I order frames, if I go heavy on 56cm, another size will move faster.  Go figure.

So, yes, deposits are being taken for this next run of frames.  Colors are semi-gloss black and Aurora Red.  So far the deposits are heavy on Aurora Red, and sizes 54cm and 56cm.  Half of those sizes are already spoken for.  If someone is thinking they want a 54cm or 56cm Aurora Red frame, it would be wise to get your deposit in.  Just sayin’.  As of last week, frames had been received for painting with forks closely following.  I’m anticipating framesets shipping via ocean freight before the end of the year and arrival in Pt. Reyes Station, soon after the first.  Good start to anyone’s new year!

And because what would a blog post be without a picture.

chicken of the woods

Chicken of the woods fungus – which I’m told is edible. I’ll take someone else’s word for that.

(What’s playing:  The Pretenders Light of The Moon)

7 responses to “Bike of The Year!”

  1. Jim Barton says:

    Guitar Ted is the primary factor in choosing a BMC bike back in 2013. It is still my favorite bike. Thanks for making it available Mike.

  2. Chris VanZyl says:

    Ditto for GT recommending my 59 Orange Road – 18 mts and 8000 happy miles. I still get weekly compliments. Thx Mike!

  3. Robert Fry says:

    “All fungi are edible. Some are edible only once” – Terry Pratchett

  4. Bob Etzler ( Aka bobswire on the internet) says:

    Small world, I just happened to have run across Guitar Ted Productions Blog last week and also so happened to pre-order one of the new Monster Cross frames in Red. Neither had anything to do with the other,just a coincidence since I’ve been planning on buying a BMC for the past 4 years but every time I decided to pull the trigger my size was out of stock. This time I pre-ordered to make sure I’d get one. As for Guitar Ted ,great Blog for fat tire talk, adventures and reviews.

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