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When I was thinking of how to start this first blog post on the new website, I knew I wanted to use this scene from Young Frankenstein.  Gene Wilder is one of my favorite comedic actors.  “Is” because it’s not going to change simply because he passed away yesterday.  So, here’s to you, Gene Wilder – “Alive, it’s alive!”

So, let’s take this thing for a spin around the block.  First post on the new blog/site platform.  What’s new here.  Well, it’s all new so it will take some time getting used to the functionality of this new platform, but it’s pretty good.  There will be more posting in the future compared to the past several months.  Promise.

This summer has been a whirlwind of frenzied activity.  Bikes and frames going out all over the country – and world.  Well not all over the world.  Select countries.  So much so that more Monster Cross frames are on order and should be available around the first of the year.  Colors are going to be a red and a semi-gloss black.  The red is not a vibrant red like a Ferrari, but a more toned down, dusty red.  It’s cool.  I’ll see if I can capture the red in a photo later.

I’m almost out of the current t-shirts.  Limited to a few smalls and an XXL or two.  Lots of Pint t-shirts though.  And the good news is that all the in-stock t-shirts are on sale at $12.  Give the new webstore a go and get yourself or a friend one.

New t-shirts are coming.  One new logo and one with the same original logo.  New hoodys are coming and they should be really sweet.  Just in time for the temps to start dipping post-summer.

The biggest challenge to date has been the ability to secure storage space in tiny Pt. Reyes Station.  This past week, I finally got this marked off my t0-do list.  Good thing because I want to use the new storage for the disc brake frames I am planning.  Samples are in process.  There were a lot of details I wanted to incorporate into the disc frames and I didn’t want to do a disc frame just for the sake of doing a disc frame.  I wanted it done the way I wanted it done.  And it will be.  But, don’t hold your breath.  The process is not fast.  Samples first, some testing, probably some tweaking.  Maybe another sample.  And then go.  I don’t anticipate having frames available for sale for at least a year.

I’ll leave it with some photos from yesterday’s vintage mountain bike ride at China Camp.  I rode a new (to me) bike that I’ll properly describe in a follow-up post.  There were a lot of really great bikes and folks who ventured out.  Chris Chance was there with a Fat Chance, Ross Shafer showed up post-ride, but missed the beer (sorry, Ross – I’ll have something for you at the shop next time you’re out), Don Koski was there with his new Koski Bros. bomber, Fred Falk showed up with his old Cunningham, and Jacquie Phelan pedaled out on her Cunningham.  Old friends, new friends, some riding, some geeking, and some partying.

(What’s playing:  Canned Heat On The Road Again)

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6 responses to “Well, Hello There”

  1. Ronnie Bryant says:

    Disc frames – have you decided about the dropouts front and rear? Will they be thru axle? 135 rear spacing?

  2. Ryan Surface says:

    +1 one on loving Gene Wilder and especially Young Frankenstein, one of my all time favorites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ktmN0wvHQs

  3. Allan Lippe says:

    Mike, will the disc frames be flat or post mount? Disc on both road and cross or just cross?

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