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Since we last spoke, there’s been a few changes to the availability of framesets.  The short story is that today, the 54cm monster cross frames are out of stock as of today.  Here’s what’s available on the monster cross front:

  • 52cm:  one pink
  • 60cm:  a few each in both Pink and British Racing Green
  • 62cm:  a few British Racing Green and one Pink
  • 64cm:  one pink

The good news is that more framesets are in progress.  ETA on those is end of the year/early January.  There are zero changes made to this run of frames so they’ll still be the V5 frame, but the colors will be red and semi-gloss black.  The price will also remain at $595 (same as it’s been since day one).  I think they’ll both look pretty darn sharp.

I am also having some forks made for sale separately.  Framesets include a fork, but now, the fork will be available by itself.  The fork will have the Pacenti Paris-Brest-Paris crown, mid-blade eyelets, and will be painted in the same semi-gloss black.  The a-c dimension is 400mm and they’ll be available in either 50mm or 55mm offset.  Price will be $150.

And since I’ve fielded several emails asking about status of the 54, 56, and 58 cm frames that are coming, I’ll open the door to deposits for the new frames so folks can make sure they get the size and color they want.  A hundred bucks will secure one for your riding pleasure.  In fact, I just added a page on the site to make it easy to place a deposit.  If you want to put down $200 deposit, order 2 on the Frameset Deposit shopping page.

That’s about it.  And as always, feel free to call or email with questions.

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  1. DDD says:

    What kind of red? Kicking myself for not getting that wonderful black cherry BMC…

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