Purist Bottle 22oz. White
Purist Bottle 26oz. SmokePurist Bottle 22oz. SmokePurist Bottle 22oz. White

Black Mountain Cycles Water Bottle


  • Specialized Purist bottles
  • MoFlo top
  • Smoke – gray transluscent 26 or 22 oz.
  • White – 22oz
  • BPA Free
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Product Description

Purist technology shields the inside of the bottle from any bad taste, mold, or staining. Nothing sticks, so your bottle stays clean and your water tastes pure. The Purist technology naturally shields the inside of your bottle. Exactly the same way a lotus leaf shields itself to maintain its purity. Technology truly inspired by nature. Even in extreme conditions such as leaving tomato sauce in a bottle overnight, the Purist infusion keeps your bottle pure. No residual taste from previous drink mixes. No plastic taste. With Purist Technology your water or drink mix tastes as intended.