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Several years ago, my tax accountant asked me what I planned to do when I wanted to retire.  Sell the business or sell everything off and end up with zero inventory.  I thought about it for a bit.  What is Black Mountain Cycles without me and would someone want to buy it?  Good question and maybe that might happen, but, I said “sell everything off – end up back at square one.”

Every once in a while, I’ll think about that.  What would I have to do to sell everything off?  Heck, I’ve got a sale table of some good stuff that I’m trying to sell at up to half off to slim down my inventory and it ain’t moving fast.  Getting tired of looking at some of that stuff.  How long would it take to sell everything?  I know it takes a considerable amount of energy just thinking about it so it’s got to be completely energy draining putting that plan into action.

The good news is that day isn’t looming for me for a long time.  However, that day is coming for Bruce Gordon.  Bruce has decided to hang up his torch, stow his files, wring out that last chicken neck.  In Bruce’s own words, “I am 69 years old and it is time to retire.”  After 47 years in the bike industry, it’s time.

And this is where you come in.  You the bike geek.  You the lover of all things bike.  You can help with Bruce’s retirement because Bruce has to sell everything, leaving his shop space empty.  Everything except the tires which Bruce will continue to offer for sale after he retires.  And there is a lot of stuff.  To a guy like me, it’s the proverbial “kid in a candy store.”  The dates you need to remember are November 3, 4, and 5.  A Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10-5.  Those are the days where everyone is invited to the BG Cycles Retirement Party & Sale to pick through Bruce’s stuff and leave some cash behind for your particular precious.  Show up early, bring lots of cash, and have fun.  Because it’s also a party, there will be refreshments.

If you are of the tall-statured variety (we’re talking north of 6’3″), there are still a lot of very special bikes that are for sale.  Bruce’s collection of personal bikes is on offer individually.  Even though I have a large collection of mountain bikes, my personal love is for the old road bike.  There’s just something right about the lines and shape of a road bike from the 70s and 80s.  And the one bike of Bruce’s that exemplifies that aesthetic to me is his pink road bike built with Campagnolo Super Record.  Bruce and I agreed on a price and now that bike is mine, but, in a way, it will always be Bruce’s.

As a last word, I’ve got to say that there is a certain value in most of Bruce’s possessions.  If you show up, please be respectful to that.  Don’t expect something that has real value to be sold for pennies.  There will be some good deals, some really great deals, but this isn’t the flea market where tweakers are selling thousand dollar machines for twenty bucks just to get their next high.  This is someone’s life.

If you can’t make it that weekend, you are free to visit Bruce at his shop and get a jump on the other folks.  Call him before you go to make sure he’s there – 707-762-4107.  See you there!  409 Petaluma Blvd. S, Petaluma, CA.  Did I mention bring cash?

(What’s playing:  Bob Dylan One Of Us Must Know)

6 responses to “Retirement”

  1. susan herman says:

    Sigh . . . That is one sweet Pink Lady, Mike. Bruce will always be a “Luma” fixture, and I hope he isn’t leaving town.

    All the best to you and Bruce.
    Bonne route!

    Susan & Ted

  2. Philip "Biketinker" Williamson says:

    I’ll be down to get a keepsake, probably on Friday. I’m really glad you got that pink bike. That’s a treasure. I love Bruce’s yellow fixed gear with the bottle generator, too.

  3. Tim says:

    I’ve got a machine shop of sorts here in Petaluma. I’ve been over to Mr Gordon’s shop from time to time, picking up some Pinkys pizza on lunch break. I’ve been lucky enough to score a sweet BG bike, landed it instead of an engagement ring to seal the deal (it worked! Barely…). I can’t bring myself to go over there and poke around. I would totally be like a kid in a candy store, as I would probably piss off the owner on my shaky sugar high. Please whoever helps out and goes over there, don’t look for sweet deals. Maybe appreciate the awesomeness of somebody who made their own s**t. And I’m glad the tires will keep rolling!

  4. Michael Wolfe says:

    Nearly 40 years ago, while working as a bike wrench, I decided to have Bruce build me a touring frameset. But what stopped me, was that Bruce would only do so if I purchased a Campy gruppo with it. I had my heart set on green Modolo Professional brakes, and green Bullseye hubs, and walked away. I’ve had two touring framesets built since, both of which turned out to be disasters! I don’t know how many times I’ve wished I’d bought the deal from Bruce since!
    Best wishes on your retirement and reducing your inventory!

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