New Frames!

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The new frames arrived last week and, damn, do they look great! I’ve been busy prepping and shipping frames so haven’t had a chance to put up the new info. I updated the frames and get the goods pages with a bit of new info, but since I’m also working on a brand new website, I didn’t want to get too involved in posting info. Should be enough info. If you’re looking for more info on something drop me a line and I’ll get you much better info.

Basic new info on the Monster Cross frames is as follows:
New Pacenti Paris-Brest-Paris fork crown.
Sizing is in 2cm increments from 52cm to 64cm (old sizing was in 3cm increments).
Head tubes are a bit taller to reduce the number of spacers.
What else??? Oh, the crimp on the chainstay is way better looking and still has good clearance for road compact cranks and big fat 45mm+ tires.
And the colors! Oh the colors! Pink and British Racing Green
Price stays the same at $595 + applicable sales tax and shipping.

The new road frames also knocked my socks off. They got the same 2cm frame size increment change from 52cm to 62cm. Still made to fit big fat 33 1/3mm road tires with long reach 47mm-57mm brake calipers. And the new orange is a great match to the old Eddy Merckx Molteni orange. And the new Merckx style panel graphic just knocks my socks off. Yeah, I know. I wrote “knocks my socks off” twice (that’s three), but dang, I can’t wait to build up one of these for myself. Price stays the same at $595 + applicable sales tax and shipping.

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