Monster Cross V5.3 Are On The Way

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The new run of Monster Cross frames (the V5.3) came out of paint last week and will be consolidated for shipment this week.  This is the 7th run of Monster Cross frames and that could’t make me happier.  That means that rim brake frames are still relevant in this ever-changing industry.  It’s nice to know the more some things change, the more they stay the same.  After all, how many of you have bought a pair of shoes, or a pair of pants, or a jersey and discovered that you really like this item and later decide to buy another (or more) of the same just so you can have a back up or put them all in regular rotation only to find out that the company “changed it for the better,” but it’s not better.  In fact, it’s worse than the original item you bought that you loved so much.  Yeah, I have too.

I’m happy to report that this V5.3 of the Monster Cross frame is unchanged from the first V5 frame.  And the only thing that changed from the previous V4 frame was the addition of the Pacenti P-B-P fork crown.  As long as there is demand for these frames, and the bike industry doesn’t discard 700c wheels and rim brake rims, you’ll see a V5.4, V5.5, V5.6…  You get the idea.

As of today, I’ve closed off the deposit window for this order of frames.  In its place is a page to place an order for the frame color/size of your choice, with or without a headset.  All frame sizes and colors are available.  However, 56cm Gentian Blue frames were quite popular with the early deposits and, as of today, there are only 3 available.  Get ’em while they’re hot!  But that Greenery!  A bit wild without being over the top.  I dig it.  Expected arrival of the frames is early February.  Maybe early-ish.

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