Monster Cross Frames On The Water

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First, holiday schedule:  Regular hours on Friday.  Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Back in the shop on Tuesday.

Second, more Monster Cross frames are on the water.  These frames are exactly the same as the V5 frame, so even though it’s the 6th run of frames, I’m still calling them V5 frames.  Maybe V5.2.  I’ll get the webstore updated with these new frames in the next day or so.  In addition to the frames, separate forks are arriving with the frames.  Forks will be semi-gloss black and available in either 50mm or 55mm offsets.

Currently, there are a fair amount of frames that have been reserved with a deposit.  With the exception of the 54cm Aurora Red frameset, there’s decent availability on all sizes/colors.  There is only one 54cm Aurora Red frameset available.  If that size/color pulls at your bike strings, I’d suggest jumping on it as it’s not likely to last long.

The vessel containing the frames and forks left Taipei today and is en-route to Los Angeles before offloading the frames in Oakland.  ETA to Los Angeles is January 4 and it should be a few days after that when it arrives in Oakland.  I would expect to receive the frames within a week after arriving in Oakland.  They have to go through customs and then fit into the trucking company’s schedule to get out to Pt. Reyes Station.  The trucking company usually only has a truck coming all the way out to West Marin one day per week.

Follow the vessel, Ever Sigma and the Marine Tracker link.  That vessel tracking link probably won’t be active when the boat gets out into the open water.  Stay warm and have a great holiday season!

Monster Cross frame in Aurora Red

Monster Cross frame in Aurora Red

Monster Cross frame in semi-gloss black

Monster Cross frame in semi-gloss black

(What’s playing:  Public Enemy Fight The Power)

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  1. Peter Bridge says:

    Maybe a little Tom Morello to follow the Public Enemy? Ghost of Tom Joad?

  2. James says:

    Hi, Any idea when a disc brake frame will be in fruition ? Thanks

  3. Dave says:

    Excited to see the disc frameset!
    Does your bike shop have a skylight or solar-tube over the service area? The lighting looks fantastic in there!

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