Tune-Up – $75

This service package is designed to ensure that your bike is safe to operate and all mechanical systems are performing up to par.

Any necessary replacement parts and fluids are extra and may require additional labor charges to install.

*Note – Extra charges may be incurred for extremely dirty equipment. Complete bike wash, $20 extra.

Complete Overhaul – $270

If your bike is several years old and you ride 3,000 miles per year and have had minimal service done to your bike, you may benefit from a complete overhaul.

*Note – cost of replacement parts or fluids is not included.

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Flat Tire Repair (on bike)  – $10

Remove wheel, diagnose cause of flat, inspect rim strip replace tube, reinstall on bike.  Internally geared hubs or coaster brake wheels add $5 to $10.

Shifting System Adjustment – $25

Inspect, lubricate, and adjust both front and rear shifting systems.

Install Shift or Brake Cable – $15 and up

Brake or shift cables installed and adjusted.

Brake System Adjustment – $20 and up

Inspect, lubricate, and adjust both front and rear brake systems.

Hydraulic Disc Brake Service – $40 and up

Bleed and adjust hydraulic disc brake systems. $25 for one wheel.  Does not include hydraulic fluids.

Headset Adjustment – $10 and up

Includes adjusting headset bearings and re-torque stem to proper setting.

Bottom Bracket Replacement – $25-$50

Remove cranks, install new bottom bracket, reinstall cranks, and check front derailleur alignment. Does not include BB30 or similar systems.

True Wheel – $40 and up

Includes tensioning of all spokes, adjust for true, round, and dish – within limits of wheel, spoke, and nipple condition. Replacement spokes extra if required.  Simple truing to clear brake pads starts at $15.

Chain Replacement $20
Install new chain and check shifting adjustment.

Fork Installation – $45

Cut steerer tube to proper length, install cups and bearings as required, adjust headset, and install and adjust brake.

Install Cyclometer – $10-40

Price varies according to model selected – wireless, wired, cadence. Includes wheel calibration.

Hub Overhaul:

Front $25, includes bearings if loose ball bearings

Rear $30, includes bearings if loose ball bearings

Extra charge for Chris King or Campagnolo hubs. Replacement cartridge bearings, if required, are additional.

Wrap Handlebars $15 – $20

Remove old tape, re-tape bars. Aero bar set-up add $5.

Wheel Building $75 – $90/wheel

Custom hand-built wheels designed for your riding style. More information on the wheel page.

Prices listed are for labor only. Please note that parts to complete these repairs, if required, are an additional cost.

Bikes left over 72 hours are subject to a $3 per day storage fee.

All prices subject to change without notice.

Minimum labor charge is $10.

All service prices noted above are applicable for pedal bikes.  E-bikes, electric assist, or other powered bike service prices will incur an approximate 25% surcharge.