Welcome to Black Mountain Cycles where we strive to embrace the unmistakable “feel” of the traditional bike shop.  You know, the one where the owner looked up from behind the wheel truing stand and gave you a “Howdy!” as you walked in the door.  The one where the mechanics worked on bikes right there in the midst of the shop.  The one that smells like tires and chain lube.  Yep, that’s the one.  That is what we strive for Black Mountain Cycles.  We’re a small bike shop.  We sell bike stuff, but most important, we make bikes work better.  We’re a mechanic’s-based bike shop.

Located in Point Reyes Station, CA, Black Mountain Cycles sits on scenic California State Route 1, thirty miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, in one of the greatest riding areas in the country.  Point Reyes Station is visited by thousands of cyclists each year.  Recreational cyclists, randonneurs, and racers out for a training ride all enjoy the incredible array of beautiful routes that weave through the valleys and hills of West Marin.  There is also plenty of mountain biking to do with the flanks of Mt. Tamalpais, the birth place of the mountain bike, a scant 30 minutes away.

Black Mountain Cycles was established in 2007 by Mike Varley.  Mike moved to Point Reyes Station to establish Black Mountain Cycles after 13 years in bicycle product development in the bike industry.  Mike’s skills in designing bikes for Haro mountain bikes and Masi road bikes comes into play in the design of the Black Mountain Cycles line of frames.   His additional 7 years of retail experience as a shop manager and mechanic enable Black Mountain Cycles to be considered among the finest of full-service repair shops.

At Black Mountain Cycles, you can have your bike repaired from a simple flat repair up to a complete overhaul.  Being a one-man shop, you can be assured of consistency.  The same person you talk to about your bike needs is the same person who will be working on your bike to make it perform to its best potential.  Consistency in the way you are treated each and every time you call or walk through the door.

We specialize in adventure bikes.  Bikes you can ride anywhere and on any road surface:  paved, dirt, gravel.  Bikes with 700c wheels and clearance for large volume tires.  Road bikes with up to 33 tires.  Cross bikes with tires up to 45c.  Bikes for mixed-terrain adventures.

We also understand that cyclists of all types travel through the area.  It is our goal to be able to service any rider who needs mechanical assistance while you are on your ride in West Marin.  Common problems encountered during a ride can be broken shift cables, broken chains, worn brake pads, damaged tires, and even damaged frames … among the many potential on-the-road maladies.  We take pride in being able to get you back on your bike and on your way home while you wait.

We realize Point Reyes Station is not exactly convenient to many folks in the Bay Area.  However, we have many clients who bring their bike from all over the Bay Area for service.  Service, either while you wait (there are many non-bike things to do while you wait – great restaurants, great hiking, or bring a second bike and go out for a ride…), or you can leave your bike and pick it up another day. When you can pick it up you can then head out on one of the great rides in West Marin on your newly serviced bike or custom assembled new bike.