I had a concept brewing in my mind about 10 years ago. In bicycle retail, the mantra “your shop is the brand.” I wanted to take that philosophy a step further and really make that true by having my own line of frames sold exclusively through the shop. My brand, my shop. And I want to share my brand and my shop with you, the rider.

I chose steel as the material of choice for my frames, not because I am anti-carbon fiber, anti-aluminum. I’ve ridden and designed frames made with both those materials and one of my all-time favorite riding bikes was an Easton Scandium tubed road frame (kind of wish I still had that one).

I chose steel because every time someone jumps on a steel bike after spending years on whatever is the latest and greatest wonder-bike, the rider invariably comments “Wow, that rides really great.”  Steel has been around forever as a frame material.  Its properties are incredibly well documented.  The life span of steel is well known.  It’s a frame that doesn’t necessarily have to be handled with kid gloves.  So, while every big bike manufacturer is spending countless dollars developing the next big thing, steel quietly rolls under the many bicycle aficionados as the material of choice that never went out of style.  A steel bike is elegant in its simplicity, ride quality, and appearance.  The proportions of a well-crafted steel bike are perfect.

I spent years designing modern, cutting edge frames for Haro Bicycles and Masi USA. Aluminum, carbon fiber, and steel. It’s the steel frames I designed during my tenure there that always gave me the most pleasure during a ride, bikes like the Haro Mary 29” wheeled mountain bike and the steel Masi Speciale. Those were the two bikes that I always came back to after evaluating the latest and greatest. And it’s those two bikes I’ve kept from that time in my life.

I chose steel because it’s what I like.  And I only sell what I like in my shop.  I invite you to check out the latest Monster Cross and Road frames, read through the site, and ask me any question.

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