Every complete bike that goes out the door at Black Mountain Cycles is built from the ground up by myself.  I build all the wheels, press in every headset, cut every cable housing to just the right length, secure each cable tip with two simple crimps.  Spec’ing a bike is something I’m pretty darn good at.  I spent over a decade specifying parts and building BOMs (bill of materials) for just about every type of bike.  It’s really easy to spec the parts on a cost-is-no-object bike.  It’s much more difficult to create a bike that is built with a selection of parts with the end result being a bike that looks great and is of high value for the final price.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that I’m not going to be building up credit limit busting bikes.  Just about all of the bikes I build up are bikes for folks who work hard for their bike spending money and I want to give them the best value I can for their money.  And that’s where I can put together a package that is high value and outstanding function.

The builds noted in the following pages for the Monster Cross bike or a Road bike represent parts that work great, look great, and best of all let you just ride.  Because it is all about the bike.  Because these bikes are built from the ground up and are not pulled out of a box, every part listed can be substituted for something else.  Some popular parts subs are noted on the individual complete bike pages.  And I’m always available to completely customize a parts spec for you.  You already have your own wheels?  No problem.  I’ll build something for you around the wheels you already have.  The key point is flexibility.  I’m not a huge bike company.  I’m small and I’m flexible.  Ask questions.  Additionally, if you already have your own frame (Soulcraft, Hunter, Sachs, Steelman, Steve Potts…), I’m here to build that up for you too.

Complete bikes are not available on the shop page as there are too many options to coordinate in addition to crank lengths, stem size, bar widths…  The best way to get a complete bike build going is to contact me and we’ll get the build going with a modest deposit.

Complete Road Bikes

Complete Monster Cross Bikes