Several years ago, my tax accountant asked me what I planned to do when I wanted to retire.  Sell the business or sell everything off and end up with zero inventory.  I thought about it for a bit.  What is Black Mountain Cycles without me and would someone want to buy it?  Good question and […]

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Dodging The Rain Storms

Before I get too far into this post, a reminder that frames are on the way. The vessel carrying the frames docked in Los Angeles this morning. ETA to Oakland where it will unload my/your frames is March 17. However, I believe the ETA for arriving in Los Angeles was March 10 and it’s the […]

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New Road/Cross Frames – Pricing and Deposits

I expected the new frames to create a bit of interest with their revisions.  However, it seems the demand may be higher than I anticipated with several deposits on both the road and cross frames already made to secure one.  And that was without confirming the final price, which I am happy to say is […]

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Road Frame Changes – And A Surprise

Along with the changes in the monster cross frames, the road frame also got refreshed for this third run of frames.  Like the monster cross frame, the sizing has been revised to 2cm jumps between sizes from 52cm up to 62cm.  Again, no 50cm frame because sales haven’t warranted keeping this size and I do […]

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Cat, You’re Free To Exit The Bag

This is going to take two posts to get the information properly out there, so read on then look for the next post.  It’s been over eight years since I opened Black Mountain Cycles and almost six years since I took delivery of the first road and cross frames.  There’s been a couple of minor […]

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Grinduro! – The Maker’s Bikes

Dang, I almost forgot about these guys.  I’d only been to one Meet Your Maker Tour event, the Mt. Tam ride a few years ago.  The events are a great opportunity to meet a really great bunch of folks who make cool shit.  The MYM event at the Grinduro was especially incredible because the event […]

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Grinduro! – The Bikes

As a bike nerd, I spent a lot of time checking out the bikes being ridden at the Grinduro.  One observation that was clear was there were a lot of new bikes.  I say that because there were a lot of disc brake cross bikes.  And that style of bike is relatively new.  That says […]

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Well, the Grinduro is now two days in the rear view mirror and I still keep having those mini-flash backs of pain and joy depending on where my memory puts me on the course.  First, I have to give a bit shout of thanks to the organizers – Giro’s Dain Zaffke and Eric Richter for […]

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Grinduro! – Shop Closed Oct. 9,10, 11

That’s right.  I’m closing the shop for three straight days this weekend.  So, all you roadies who ride to Pt. Reyes Station, I suggest you carry extra tubes and CO2 cartridges because they ain’t gonna be available mid-ride.  I’ll be up in Quincy, CA getting a bit of Grinduro on with a bunch of like-minded […]

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Charlie Cunningham Needs Help

There’s a lot of new technology that’s been introduced on mountain bikes the past couple of years.  Most visible are the 1x systems and the new Boost hub spacing.  If you ride a mountain bike with those features, you have Charlie Cunningham to thank.  You might not know that because his story with regards to […]

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Time Flies and Jerseys In Stock!

You know the feeling when one day turns into a week and then the next thing you know a month has passed and then you’ve got to buy a new calendar?  Yeah, that feeling.  Nose to the grindstone, building bikes, replacing chains on folks burner bikes, trying to make sure I have enough 700c tires […]

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Your Bikes

Most of the new bikes shots I put up are of bikes in the stand as they leave the shop.  This post is dedicated to your bikes as you have them set up and ride them.   The shots below show Arthur’s bike and the northern tour he undertook last year.  While my cross bike […]

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