Monster Cross V5.2 In The House

The day couldn’t have been worse.  From the day I learned the new Monster Cross frames had arrived in the port of Oakland, I started monitoring the weather forecasts.  This winter has been a wet one in Marin Co.  Really wet. When I got the confirmation that the frames were to be delivered last Wednesday, […]

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Now That’s What I’m Talking About

When I set out designing the Monster Cross frames 9 years ago, the tire I designed it around was the Panaracer Firecross 700×45.  At the time, it was the biggest “cross” tire available.  There were some that had short product cycles, like WTB’s MutanoRaptor 44, but the FireCross 45 had an actual knob-to-knob measurement of […]

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The Bike

I’ve posted a few teaser shots of this bike off and on over the past several months.  It’s a 64cm Black Mountain Cycles Monster Cross frame.  With a twist.  For almost all of 2015, I had experienced back/shoulder/neck pain as a result of a slow-motion, over the bars, digger on my road bike trying to […]

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