Handlebar Bags – The New Black

As a self-identified roadie, handlebar bags were the furthest from my mind on pretty much any bike that wasn’t a dedicated touring bike.  I mean, you can pack enough calories in a jersey pocket to sustain you for 3-4 hours.  And the look of a bag dangling off your bars, ghastly!  Some gels, bars, scone from […]

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Black Mountain Cycles on The Radavist

It happened with an email.  Someone in Canada inquiring about a Monster Cross frame because he had just seen a profile of a customer’s road bike on The Radavist.  Hmmm, news to me.  I’ll have to check that out to find out what’s up.  Well, what do you know!  A really nice profile of the […]

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Renewed Enthusiasm

Sometimes I come up with a blog post title before I start typing and then veer off in a totally different direction than I intended and the title makes absolutely no sense.  At that point, the title gets changed or because I’ve veered so far afield I save the draft and restart.  Over the years, […]

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Confession Time – Clement LGG Review

This post was originally going to be one of the “Things I Like” posts.  It still will be, but first I gotta get this off my chest.  I use used parts.  Specifically, I use your used parts.  It’s a fairly common practice that has been going on for years behind the scenes in bike shops. […]

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Give ’em the boot…

Been a while since I posted a “things I like” post, but these are just the best.  You can make your own, but it’s kind of convenient to have these with their sticky backs that don’t shift when installing.  What I’m talking about is the Park Tools “Emergency Tire Boot.”  Personally, I would drop “emergency” […]

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Salsa Pro Road bars…

File this under “things I like.”  Been quite a while since I applied that tag.  Not that there haven’t been things I like, but I’ve been neglect in blog duties.   I needed new bars.  Not because the old ones were damaged or in need of replacement due to structural issues.  I needed new bars because […]

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Sometimes your hand is played for you…

I like to tape bars.  I’m pretty good at it.  Consistent, even wraps.  I don’t like to tape my own bars until they really, really need it.  Because I tape bars with just the right amount of tension on the tape, just he right amount of overlap, and because I don’t “worry” the tape (more […]

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Crotchet and leather goodness…

Been a while since I wrote a “Things I Like” post. It’s not because there haven’t been things I like that I’ve wanted to write about. Early on when I started this blog, I started writing about “Things I Lke,” “Things I Want To Like,” and “Things I Dislike.” Then, in the mean time, this […]

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I need to write a post but…

I’ve always written posts based on what I feel folks might want to read and not because I set myself a deadline or need to have a Monday post or a Wednesday post or a… But dang, I probably should do something to post a little more regularly. So here’s some random mind farts of […]

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There’s nothing quite like using a good tool. Conversely, there’s nothing worse than using a poorly designed or crafted tool. On the good tool side, I recently picked up two that are a joy to use. The first one is like an old friend. The second one is my new best friend. I remember when […]

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What’s in the stand, pt. 1…

Here’s a bike that was recently in the stand. Custom Steve Potts 26″ wheel mountain bike. The owner originally was going to go with flat bars. However, after visiting my shop and seeing all the mountain bikes I have with drop bars, decided to pull out her old WTB drops and thumb shift adapters to […]

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Chain care…

I like ProGold ProLink chain lube. It lubes the chain. When used at appropriate intervals, the chain stays clean and quiet. When used at appropriate intervals, the chains last longer because they run cleaner. In addition to using it on my chain, I also use it inside my cable casings for friction free shifting and […]

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