Something For Friday

On occasion, when communicating with someone who is buying one of my frames, I’ll think I should ask them where they heard about Black Mountain Cycles.  More times than not, they say they read about it on “Guitar Ted.” Guitar Ted, aka Mark Stevenson, and I go back a fair bit.  Years ago, when I […]

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L’Eroica California

Instead of a full blog post about the 2017 version of the Eroica event held in Paso Robles, CA, here’s a link to a story about the event I wrote for Handbuilt Bicycle Guide.  Check out the full story.  And if you didn’t go, put it on your calendar for next year.  It’s a super […]

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Grind-uro?  Grin-duro?  Is it a grind?  Is it a grin?  Yes.  The Grinduro! is a race that’s more ride that race.  It’s the type of event that I’ll keep coming back to because it’s so damn fun.  It’s a race with 4 different timed sections that total about 16 miles spread out over 63 miles […]

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Well, Hello There

When I was thinking of how to start this first blog post on the new website, I knew I wanted to use this scene from Young Frankenstein.  Gene Wilder is one of my favorite comedic actors.  “Is” because it’s not going to change simply because he passed away yesterday.  So, here’s to you, Gene Wilder […]

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Dodging The Rain Storms

Before I get too far into this post, a reminder that frames are on the way. The vessel carrying the frames docked in Los Angeles this morning. ETA to Oakland where it will unload my/your frames is March 17. However, I believe the ETA for arriving in Los Angeles was March 10 and it’s the […]

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West Marin Eroica

Over the past weekend, the California Eroica happened.  I had hopes of getting away to ride it with some Dino friends.  But alas, business first.  Next year.  Yeah, next year.  Instead, I thought, “hey, pull out the old Bridgestone and get out for a morning on/off road ride!”  I hadn’t ridden the old girl since […]

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Ride Post

I have been completely derelict (first person to identify Daryl Licht’s* real name wins a Black Mountain Cycles t-shirt and water bottle of your choice) in posting here.  Not for lack of stuff to blog about, but lack of time and energy.  Well, here goes a flurry of blog posts starting with some rides. Starting […]

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Finally feeling fall-like

Fall’s been well under way for the past month.  Two more months until winter.  However, it was only in the past couple of days – today especially so – that it really felt like fall.   We don’t get the big color change in the tree leaves here.  Some trees change, but most just lose their […]

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Every so often you see something on a ride and are lucky enough to capture it.  Each of these photos was taken out in the Point Reyes National Seashore a week or so apart.  The long buck is a White tailed deer with an impressive set of antlers.  I saw him silhouetted on the ridge […]

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Point to Point to Point to Point…

Or the out and back and out and back, out and back ride.  I’ve been in Point Reyes Station 7 years now and can’t believe this was the first time I’d done this ride.  Done every part of it, but not combined it all.  It’s basically combining what are typically two rides into one.  What […]

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Sonoma County ride…

It’s rare that I throw the bike in the car and drive somewhere to ride.  But, with Monday being a holiday, the shop’s closed on Monday, and the calm before the storm of new cross frames arrive, I thought it would be a good call to do just that.  I had planned on a loop […]

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Ride post…

It’s been a long time since I did a ride post.  In fact, it was almost a year ago when I last did a ride blog and that ride was a big one too.  Over the past three weeks, I’ve been getting out on Sundays for some long rides.  The previous two Sundays were 5 […]

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