State of the Frame Availability

Since we last spoke, there’s been a few changes to the availability of framesets.  The short story is that today, the 54cm monster cross frames are out of stock as of today.  Here’s what’s available on the monster cross front: 52cm:  one pink 60cm:  a few each in both Pink and British Racing Green 62cm: […]

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The Bike

I’ve posted a few teaser shots of this bike off and on over the past several months.  It’s a 64cm Black Mountain Cycles Monster Cross frame.  With a twist.  For almost all of 2015, I had experienced back/shoulder/neck pain as a result of a slow-motion, over the bars, digger on my road bike trying to […]

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Black Mountain Cycles on The Radavist

It happened with an email.  Someone in Canada inquiring about a Monster Cross frame because he had just seen a profile of a customer’s road bike on The Radavist.  Hmmm, news to me.  I’ll have to check that out to find out what’s up.  Well, what do you know!  A really nice profile of the […]

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Black Mountain Cycles Frame Availability Update

You’re rolling along, getting stuff done, and then you realize “dang, I’m almost out of frames.”  But you’ve got at least one or two available in each size and it doesn’t seem urgent to order more.  Yet.  Yeah, that pretty much happens every time framesets start to get in short supply.  I try to be […]

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New Frames!

The new frames arrived last week and, damn, do they look great! I’ve been busy prepping and shipping frames so haven’t had a chance to put up the new info. I updated the frames and get the goods pages with a bit of new info, but since I’m also working on a brand new website, […]

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Cliff’s cross bike…

This is Cliff’s cross bike.  Usually, I get complete bikes built and shipped withing at least 2 weeks.  This one took a mite longer.  Between the time I announced the green frames last summer and the time they actually arrived, quite a few months passed.  Then Cliff did some traveling and we exchanged e-mails to […]

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Two more days…

That’s right, you have two more days (well three if you count the rest of today as one and then Tuesday and Wednesday) to take advantage of the free rubber deal with the purchase of a Black Mountain Cycles cross or road frameset. So far, there have been several takers for this February promotion and […]

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Vee Rubber…

With all the big tire companies, it finally took a small tire company to produce that tire in what I consider the “magic size” for my cross frames. I really like the Panaracer Fire Cross 45, but on the road, it’s a dog. Great off road. Slower than molasses on the road. For several years, […]

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Cyber Monday special…

If all those other companies can do it, so can I. Here’s the deal, or rather here are the deals. All involved purchasing a Black Mountain Cycles road or cross frame and all should be able to appeal to different needs you might have. Black Mountain Cycles “Cyber Monday” special runs through Sunday December 4. […]

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Cavalcade of blog posts…

Been busy. Too busy, seemingly, to post anything here. Takes time to upload photos, think up something to write, and do all that and take care of all the bikes that are coming in. This post will be a “what’s in the stand” post on a recent cross bike I built. This cross bike represents […]

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Cargo cross…

This was a first. Pretty fun build too. The owner came up and went for a ride out on the seashore while I built up a Black Mountain Cycles cross bike with an Xtracycle extension. But not before setting up his laptop to take a time-lapse video of the build. Then he went out the […]

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Cross build available…

I’m trying to get various sizes of cross and road bikes built for folks to check out. Here’s a cross bike I put together. It represents a lower cost version of the #1 cross build kit with a few things changed like the seat, hubs, rims, brakes, cassette, tires… Still a very nice build, but […]

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