Project Progress – Let’s Talk Road Plus

Been a while and I wanted to dive into what’s going on in the shop.  Specifically, what’s going on with frames – new and old.  First the old, which is kinda new.  More road frames are on the water.  You know, the road frames that don’t have a name and were reviewed by Bicycling Magazine. […]

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Parlez vous 650b…

If you are into 650b tires for your mountain bike or city bike or rando bike, I’ve got tires for you. Small selection of rando 650b tires, but a nice selection of 650b tires for your mountain bike. Here’s what I got: Kenda Nevegal, Pacenti Neo-Moto in 21. and 2.3, Pacenti Quasi-Moto, and WTB’s new […]

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One for Ben…

Ben’s waiting for his very own Steve Potts titanium frameset, so I thought I’d throw him a bone. Here is the first Potts 650b frame that is in the stand right now getting boxed to be sent to it’s new home. It turned out pretty sweet. It’s designed around a Fox 100mm travel fork and […]

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Rawland ride report…

Boy howdy, it was cold this morning. Not as cold as yesterday (the thermometer outside said 27.5 yesterday). But compared to yesterday, that extra 5 degrees made all the difference. It had warmed to 39 when the dog, the Rawland (shod with the 650b Wolverine tires), and I packed into the car and headed over […]

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New in the shop: Rawland…

A while back I mentioned that Rawland was one of my favs from this past Interbike. Well, I put my money where my mouth is and brought in three dSogn frames (sizes M, ML, and L). I like drop bars. I like drop bars on mountain bikes. I like the fact that the Rawland frame […]

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650B Friday – Pt. 2…

As chance would have it, it’s Friday and I’ve got a few more 650B projects. Unlike 650B Friday part 1, these bikes are a bit more moto, not the bikes of part 1 weren’t moto, these are just mo’ moto. So, what’s on tap? I was impressed with Sean Virning’s Rawland bikes so I ordered […]

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650B Friday…

I rode my titanium 650B converted bike to work Friday. A couple of guys from over the hill were touring out in West Marin. I went out to check out their bikes and, surprise!, they were on 650B bikes as well. So, in the bike rack out front, I had three 650B bikes. What started […]

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650B Conversion…

I’ve got a 650B mountain bike (geared or single-speed) on the drawing board. After building a set of wheels with Kirk Pacenti’s Neo-Moto tires and Velocity Blunt rims (laced with DT 14/15 spokes to an old rebuilt King hub), I had a thought “Hmmm, wonder if these will fit in that old ti frame with […]

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Why a new tire/wheel size? Well, for starters, the 650B size is anything but new. Second, if it were not for the Russian Army, all mountain bikes might, to this day, be equipped with 650B wheels and 26” and 29” might never have existed. Back in the infancy of mountain bikes, Tom Ritchey, Joe Breeze, […]

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