The Blue And The Green – Monster Cross V5.3

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Blue and green.  Sky and grass.  “Blue and Green” is also a song by The Wood Brothers.  “Blue In Green” is from Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis.  Blue and green are also the new colors for the new V5.3 run of Monster Cross frames that will arrive a bit after the first of the year.  This new run of frames will have no changes to the previous over the previous V5 generation of frames.  Same geometry.  Same braze-ons.  Same Pacenti fork crown.  Same same.  ETA for the frames is end of January/early February.  I’ve got 70 frames on order in pretty much equal splits between blue and green.  Because I’ve been asked by folks about securing a frame, I’ve unlocked the frame deposit page.  One hundred bucks will secure a frame.  When you place your deposit, please note the size and color you would like.

So, what color blue and green are the frames?  Here’s a shot of the tube samples.  The blue is RAL 5010 – Gentian Blue.  The green is Pantone 15-0343, Greenery, which is the 2017 Pantone color of the year.  I think it will look pretty good on a bike.  The blue is the color of the sample MCD that I’ve been riding and I know it looks good on a bike (more on that one later).

As always, questions welcomed by email or in the comments.

Colors for Monster Cross V5.3

(What’s playing:  “Blue and Green” by The Wood Brothers)

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  1. Jay Connolly says:

    Looks close to dazzling blue from V2(?)! Good choice.

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