The Bike

I’ve posted a few teaser shots of this bike off and on over the past several months.  It’s a 64cm Black Mountain Cycles Monster Cross frame.  With a twist.  For almost all of 2015, I had experienced back/shoulder/neck pain as a result of a slow-motion, over the bars, digger on my road bike trying to […]

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Grind-uro?  Grin-duro?  Is it a grind?  Is it a grin?  Yes.  The Grinduro! is a race that’s more ride that race.  It’s the type of event that I’ll keep coming back to because it’s so damn fun.  It’s a race with 4 different timed sections that total about 16 miles spread out over 63 miles […]

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The Wave

I’ve got a theory about the wave.  More specifically, the lack of the wave.  I’m a waver.  It’s just part of what I do when I ride.  Wave to other cyclists on the road.  It’s an acknowledgement of other members of this community we’re members of – cyclists.  In the grand scheme of things, it’s […]

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Black Mountain Cycles on The Radavist

It happened with an email.  Someone in Canada inquiring about a Monster Cross frame because he had just seen a profile of a customer’s road bike on The Radavist.  Hmmm, news to me.  I’ll have to check that out to find out what’s up.  Well, what do you know!  A really nice profile of the […]

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Fast Forward Friday – Mammoth Mountain Bikes

I’m not 100% certain how it started, but I imagine it went a little something like this:  so, do you think this mountain bike thing is going to really take off?  Can we do something different that would be rad?  Probably something like that. Several years before that conversation took place, I remember meeting Russ Callahan […]

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Black Mountain Cycles Frame Availability Update

You’re rolling along, getting stuff done, and then you realize “dang, I’m almost out of frames.”  But you’ve got at least one or two available in each size and it doesn’t seem urgent to order more.  Yet.  Yeah, that pretty much happens every time framesets start to get in short supply.  I try to be […]

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Well, Hello There

When I was thinking of how to start this first blog post on the new website, I knew I wanted to use this scene from Young Frankenstein.  Gene Wilder is one of my favorite comedic actors.  “Is” because it’s not going to change simply because he passed away yesterday.  So, here’s to you, Gene Wilder […]

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New Frames!

The new frames arrived last week and, damn, do they look great! I’ve been busy prepping and shipping frames so haven’t had a chance to put up the new info. I updated the frames and get the goods pages with a bit of new info, but since I’m also working on a brand new website, […]

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Dodging The Rain Storms

Before I get too far into this post, a reminder that frames are on the way. The vessel carrying the frames docked in Los Angeles this morning. ETA to Oakland where it will unload my/your frames is March 17. However, I believe the ETA for arriving in Los Angeles was March 10 and it’s the […]

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Renewed Enthusiasm

Sometimes I come up with a blog post title before I start typing and then veer off in a totally different direction than I intended and the title makes absolutely no sense.  At that point, the title gets changed or because I’ve veered so far afield I save the draft and restart.  Over the years, […]

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Closed for NAHBS 2016

That’s right.  Closing the shop for a few days – Friday Feb. 26 – Sunday Feb. 28.  Back in the shop to get things done on Tuesday March 1.  It’s likely I’ll be without my computer so emails may not be answered until Tuesday.  It’s sure to be a nice event.  The weather’s looking to […]

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While We’re Waiting For Frames

Small snag in the production of frames currently in progress.  There was an issue with the decal on the road frames so they have to be redone.  The goal was to have both the road and cross frames finished and shipped before the factory closes for the upcoming Chinese New Year.  Now, they’ll get them […]

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