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It happened with an email.  Someone in Canada inquiring about a Monster Cross frame because he had just seen a profile of a customer’s road bike on The Radavist.  Hmmm, news to me.  I’ll have to check that out to find out what’s up.  Well, what do you know!  A really nice profile of the shop and mentions of the Monster Cross frames, MUSA frames by Cameron, Road frames, and a great gallery of photos of Bob’s road bike.  I’m humbled and super stoked at the same time by the exposure and especially by the really nice comments from other owners of Black Mountain Cycles bikes.  I usually don’t much like reading comments, but these are darn nice.  Thank you John Watson and the Radavist family.

Photo by The Radavist

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  1. blackmountaincycles says:

    You put your soul into what you are doing. In spite of all the noise today, it is nice to see that devotion and integrity are alive and still valued.

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