New Frames!

The new frames arrived last week and, damn, do they look great! I’ve been busy prepping and shipping frames so haven’t had a chance to put up the new info. I updated the frames and get the goods pages with a bit of new info, but since I’m also working on a brand new website, […]

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Dodging The Rain Storms

Before I get too far into this post, a reminder that frames are on the way. The vessel carrying the frames docked in Los Angeles this morning. ETA to Oakland where it will unload my/your frames is March 17. However, I believe the ETA for arriving in Los Angeles was March 10 and it’s the […]

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Renewed Enthusiasm

Sometimes I come up with a blog post title before I start typing and then veer off in a totally different direction than I intended and the title makes absolutely no sense.  At that point, the title gets changed or because I’ve veered so far afield I save the draft and restart.  Over the years, […]

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