Christmas Hours

In case folks look here to find out my hours around Christmas time, I’ll be closed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Maybe Sunday too.  Back for sure on Tuesday.   Merry Christmas all. (What’s playing:  The Who I’m Free)

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New Jerseys/Kit Arrival Day

After eight years, I finally had shop jerseys made.  Hey, it takes a long time to get that image in your head of what you want something to be and when it does, then I’m all in.  I really liked how that first jersey turned out – and a lot of you did too, which […]

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Confession Time – Clement LGG Review

This post was originally going to be one of the “Things I Like” posts.  It still will be, but first I gotta get this off my chest.  I use used parts.  Specifically, I use your used parts.  It’s a fairly common practice that has been going on for years behind the scenes in bike shops. […]

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