Kit Ordering Window Is Open

So, that teaser I posted a while back with the image of the new shop jersey and shorts?  Yeah, that one.  Turns out that it’s actually happening.  From now until midnight May 13, folks have the ability to order direct from Voler and have it conveniently shipped directly to you.  There are plenty of options […]

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What’s In The Stand Wednesday

Oh look, another Cunningham.  I really do enjoy each of the Cunninghams I get to work on.  This one arrived with its owner on vacation from Southern California for a frame restoration, new paint on the fork and stem, and some overall get-it-back-in-shape.   First things first, the frame and stem (a later sourced Ibis made […]

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MUSA Disc Cross Build

The first order for this current run of MUSA disc frames asked if he could get his powder coated green – specifically RAL 6018, a very bright green.  I thought, “well, okay, I guess a few green frames will sell, eventually.”  I don’t know what it is, but dang, this green bikes looks HOT.  I’m […]

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What’s In The Stand Wednesday

Rather than dedicate on post to each bike this will be one big ole WITS photo dump because I’ve got the time and I need to get it off my to do list.  So, here goes – first up is one of the new MUSA Falconer Cycles made disc cross bike.  For some reason, I […]

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West Marin Eroica

Over the past weekend, the California Eroica happened.  I had hopes of getting away to ride it with some Dino friends.  But alas, business first.  Next year.  Yeah, next year.  Instead, I thought, “hey, pull out the old Bridgestone and get out for a morning on/off road ride!”  I hadn’t ridden the old girl since […]

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Nice Wheels

Wheels may be one of my favorite things on a bike.  Wheels are the main connection to how a bike feels and rides.  Wheels and tires are the point of contact between the bike and the road.  So, why would you want to ride on anything but a set of wheels that makes the riding […]

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Jersey Design!

It’s been almost 8 years so I figured it was time to put together some artwork for a Black Mountain Cycles jersey/shorts.  A big shot of thanks to Ken Prosser of Kenji Designs for taking my chicken scratch sketches and putting them to something that looks damn fine, if I do say so myself.  I’m […]

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Ride Post

I have been completely derelict (first person to identify Daryl Licht’s* real name wins a Black Mountain Cycles t-shirt and water bottle of your choice) in posting here.  Not for lack of stuff to blog about, but lack of time and energy.  Well, here goes a flurry of blog posts starting with some rides. Starting […]

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