What’s In The Stand: Potts Silver Salmon

The Silver Salmon moniker was applied to 40 titanium road frames Steve Potts made in 2000 to raise money for local water conservation.  There were also 40 steel mountain bike frames made tastefully named Steelhead.  This Silver Salmon is owned by a local guy who continues to ride, a lot, into his 70s – tandem, […]

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What’s in the stand

Here’s a quick “what’s in the stand” post.  More on each of these later.  The tandem is worthy of an entire book based on everything that went into its rebuild.  Soon.  I promise.  For now, these. Cunningham/Potts DIA Potts Silver Salmon road bike WTB Phoenix resto-mod Gary Helfrich/Actos tandem rebuild. (What’s playing:  KWMR Barbarian Beach […]

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Disc cross frames – MUSA

For the longest time, I had no idea what MUSA meant.  I’d only seen it associated with some Rivendell items.  I thought it was simply a brand name.  When I had the first run of USA made frames made, I got an email from someone who asked about the MUSA frames.  (lightbulb moment).  MUSA – […]

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I’ve Got A Confession

I feel it’s necessary to get this off my chest.  I know some folks find this unforgivable, but I like running.  In fact, these days, I run more days than ride.  Well, I guess that’s not exactly true because I do commute by bike virtually every day.  But that’s different.  I go for a run […]

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I’m a mechanic, not a blogger

Every once in a while I’m reminded that folks actually read this blog when someone comes in the shop and says they follow my blog – and, by the way, it’s been a while since I posted something.  Too many times, I have an idea for a blog post when I’m out on a ride […]

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Lava, Hot Lava

Recently a friend commented that my hands are always clean.  That was a surprise because I work with my hands on greasy bikes.  Mechanic’s hands.  Black.  Stained.  Grease under the nails.  Just because I work with grime doesn’t mean I want it on my hands.  There are a couple of tricks to avoid the stigma […]

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Cross bikes out the door

A few cross bikes went out the door.  Each one different.  Each one unique and built specifically for their new owner.  Dan’s bike was the most recent to leave and head to its new home in the East Bay.  I built this one with 36h Mavic A719 rims and Shimano 105 5700 hubs because as […]

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Last rides of 2014

The last days of 2014 were spectacular for riding.  I started off Christmas day with a great 75 mile ride with 6700′ of climbing by pedaling to Mill Valley and then climbing Railroad Grade up to the summit of Mt. Tam.  There were quite a few people up at the peak celebrating their Christmas day.  […]

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New Year’s parts sale

It’s a challenge to maintain the proper levels of inventory in a bike shop.  It’s even more challenging when your shop is remotely located yet frequented by folks who may need something while out riding or visiting on vacation.  However, it’s impractical to carry everything to fill that once in a couple year need.  And […]

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