Finally feeling fall-like

Fall’s been well under way for the past month.  Two more months until winter.  However, it was only in the past couple of days – today especially so – that it really felt like fall.   We don’t get the big color change in the tree leaves here.  Some trees change, but most just lose their […]

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Sachs – What’s In The Stand

(Post edited 11/24/14.  Every month or so, I check the stats of the blog for curiosity’s sake.  Today, I noticed a spike in views from the Velocipede Salon website.   Seems a lot of the comments decried the amount of time the owner waited.  Richard Sachs weighed in claiming the time the owner waited is incorrect.  […]

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Monster Cross V4 frames arrived

One phone call last Friday to the tucking company who will be delivering frames, “Yes, the frames will be delivered on Monday.  Please call back on Monday before 10:00 a.m. to get a delivery window.”  Monday morning arrives.  I think I can get out on the bike at 8:00 a.m. and get a 90 minute […]

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Sometimes you want to keep them

I love building wheels.  Feeling the tension slowly increase.  Seeing the wheel become round and true.  Checking the tension to confirm it’s ready.  Installing tires and cassette.  Fitting into the frame.  The wheel goes from a collection of loose parts, (roughly 66 individual parts, sometimes more, sometimes less) that are useless by themselves, into a […]

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Get on board with a US made cross frame

There’s still a bit of time to get in the queue for a US made cross frame.  Cameron Falconer will, once again, be making these frames for Black Mountain Cycles.  Cameron’s been getting some well deserved recognition recently, including this post on The Radivist.  Well done, Cameron. Here’s the skinny on the frame particulars.  We’re […]

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More cross frames on the way

The boat carrying the newest run of monster cross frames was docked in Oakland on Monday.  The customs bond, import duty, and dock fee have been paid.  I’m assuming they are clearing customs now and should be on their way here soon.  Based on what I learned with the last shipment, the trucking company who […]

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