One for Friday…

Been pretty busy at the shop and then helping out with the radio station’s pledge drive in the evening. Here’s some recent builds and repairs to peruse. This cross bike was built for a guy I’ve known sporadically for the past 20 years or so. Well, sporadically in that he was a customer and friend […]

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Want to get paid for your photos…

Here’s a chance to win $300 if your submitted photo is selected for the soon to be published “Where to Bike San Francisco.” Go to the link and find the locations where they would like photos taken. My buddy Gary B. is authoring the book and needs help with photos. Good luck! Where to Bike […]

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Do you like radio?…

I mean really good, commercial-free, kick-ass, community-based radio? Well, I do. I can remember working at Pacific Coast Cycles in Carlsbad, CA and we’d play music we all liked and all of our friends liked it and we wondered why, if we all liked this eclectic range of music, did a radio station not exist […]

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There’s nothing quite like using a good tool. Conversely, there’s nothing worse than using a poorly designed or crafted tool. On the good tool side, I recently picked up two that are a joy to use. The first one is like an old friend. The second one is my new best friend. I remember when […]

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Handmade by guys….

Recently, Guitar Ted recently posted his take on the North American Handbuilt Bike Show. I can’t say I disagree with it. It seems the more out-of-the-box a design is, the more attention is paid to it. “Did you see the Xxxxx?” “Yeah, that was way cool, dude.” Out-of-the-box is neat and cool, but when it’s […]

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Pizza and bikes…

I’m sure the folks who went to the North American Handbuilt Bike Show (NAHBS and pronounced NABS), got exactly what they were looking for. For the most part, that’s “over-the-topedness.” It’s actually easy to go over the top and make things overly complicated so intricately detailed, the concept of what the item’s intended use is […]

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Frame availability…

Quick and simple frame availability. If you’re on the fence, probably want to act soon. No pressure. Cross framesOrange50 – one available53 – one available56 – sold out59 – sold out62 – sold out Brown50 – good availability53 – good availability56 – good availability59 – good availability62 – good availability Road framesChampagne50 – 3 available53 […]

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