Friday filler…

Been lagging at posting. Not because of lack of cool stuff coming through the shop or content on which I want to expand, but it’s just been damn busy. And I’m all for busy over blog. But that’s me. In the mean time, here’s a couple of shots that will have to tide folks over […]

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Analysis time. What happened to Andy…

Truth be told, I haven’t really followed this year’s Tour de France. I’m still interested, but not overly interested. I do like to give the day’s stage a glance at and I’m especially interested in the tour bikes and how they are set up. However, even that doesn’t seem to be of much interest because […]

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Far West Fest….

This Saturday, July 17, 2010, the fifth annual Far West Fest will take place at Love Field in Point Reyes Station. It’s a fantastic music, food, beer, crafts, art, beer, music…all day festival. The only one of its kind in Marin County. Music all day long from 11:00 – 7:30 pm. Outside on a baseball […]

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A quick one before I dive into this…

…summer is bringing out the bikes in need of repair. Still have to work on these in addition to building the Pereira. But that’s not what I came here to talk to you about. I came here to talk to you about the freaky coincidences that seem to happen here. Sunday morning I finally had […]

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It was bound to happen. The odds just weren’t with me. However, I’ll bounce back and right now there are several way bitchen bikes in the shop that will be in the stand soon. In the mean time, I give you my recent What’s in the Stand. “I’m not proud…or tired.” Guess, without looking it […]

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Mixed-terrain goodness happening in Marin…

There are a couple of sweet mixed terrain rides coming up in July in Marin County. The first is Carlos’ La Ruta Loca Randonnee, a brutal (so say the participants) on/off-road ride from the city through Marin’s dirt and paved roads before recrossing the bridge back to the city. Check out the information at Carlos’ […]

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Friday’s repair run down…

Friday was titanium day, that is for sure. It’s not always like this. Some days there’s a steel bike too. However, yesterday was most assuredly titanium day at Black Mountain Cycles. First up was a really sharp looking painted titanium Serotta cross bike that got a new stem and Salsa Woodchipper bars. The Campy 10s […]

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What’s in the stand…

The past several days have seen more than my fare share of sweet bikes in the shop for repair or to be built. The level and quality even surpasses what I typically see. Top notch, all of them. The first one in the list of “to do’s” was an Ibis tandem that needed some help […]

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