What an awful screeching sound it must have made when these disc brake pads wore through the pad and half-way through the metal back plate. One can only imagine. The damage that these pads wrought to the rotor and the pistons was pretty incredible, though. But, one caliper overhaul, two new pistons and seals, a […]

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Now, this is pretty dang cool…

When it rains, it pours. Not long ago, had pictures and an interview with me on-line. And now in the May 2009 issue of Mountain Bike Action, there is a page with some info and pictures of the shop! My buddy Jimmy Mac (thanks!) was visiting over New Year’s and stopped by the shop. […]

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Have a pint, or two…

In my quest to promote the shop a bit more, I’ve received a bunch of pint glasses emblazoned with the Black Mountain Cycles logo as well as frame stickers, the kind bike shops put on new bike builds, and decals for custom wheel builds. Pint glasses! These fine, clear mixers have a 16 oz. capacity […]

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Bakersfield and Beyond…

I’ve always had a somewhat eclectic taste in music. However, country was never really one of those tastes. Oh sure, there were the classics like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams Sr. But I never really got into it deeper that those. So it shocked me as much as anyone that I found myself listening […]

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Salsa Fargo…

Talk about a bike that was created pretty much out of thin air that has captured the hearts of bike riders everywhere. The Salsa Fargo is a niche-of-a-niche bike. But it has proven to be very capable of doing a lot of different things pretty darn good. This is the epitome of an adventure bike. […]

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New employee…

Welp, I hired someone to clean bikes. Only problem is she only cleans aluminum bikes made in Farifax. The work’s kind of hit and miss, but they do show up on occasion. Seriously, Jacquie Phelan and her Dutch friend Erik (with a ‘k’) stopped by before and after a ride a couple of days ago. […]

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Jumbo shrimp…

Oxymorons are pretty fun(ny). Jumbo Shrimp, freezer burn, tragic comedy, found missing… So it is ironic that another can be added to the list – Fixie Inc. Chip Race. Let me explain. Fixie Inc. is a German company who’s name also tells you what they do. They make fixies or fixed gear road bikes. Or […]

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Painting pt. 2 bikes back on the rack…

I’m beat. Putting 18 bikes back on the rack is much more difficult than taking them down. Even more so after I inflated 36 tires that had aired down over the past many months. Inflated them with a hand pump. But, they’re up and I mounted three bikes on the wall behind the bikes making […]

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Time to step it up, or getting ready for the coming economic recovery…

I’ve read some posts from other dealers stating now is the time to re-energize your bike shop, update your marketing plan, refocus your efforts, invest in yourself… I think, if you have the resources, this is a great time for a makeover. I mean, what can go wrong, the economy already sucks (but don’t tell […]

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