They don’t make ’em like this any more…

I think my all-time favorite derailleur for a mountain bike is the M950 series XTR derailleur. It’s just, well, it’s just a great looking mountain bike derailleur. Rugged and tough looking. One of the neatest features about it, though, is it’s spring tension adjustment. Theres a little Phillips head screw that increases spring tension in […]

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Potts hattrick….

This was never intentional in my move to Point Reyes to open a bike shop. However, I ain’t complaining. I don’t know why, but I seem to be a magnet for old bikes. Now, there’s old bikes and then there’s old bikes and then there’s old Steve Potts bikes. And it’s old Potts bikes that […]

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Self-indulgent new old bike…

Sometimes the combination of bike, price, and size is just too tempting to pass up. I met the original owner of a nice 1988 fillet-brazed Otis Guy over the hill in Petaluma yesterday and came home with his bike that he’s owned for 21 years. It will be a nice addition to the collection of […]

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A little Sunday surprise…

Well, not quite surprising after hearing about the rains of several years ago here in the area where sections of roadway were washed away, but not the thing I was expecting when I got to the shop on Sunday morning. The shop sits at the low point of a dirt parking lot and water, behaving […]

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New in the shop…

In my effort to “remake” Black Mountain Cycles, I am carrying less mountain bikes (even though I love mountain bikes) and will carry more cyclocross, touring, and, well, bikes that have fat tires, steel frames (with an occasional aluminum cross framed rig), and drop bars. Bikes that are perfect candidates for mixed-terrain rides. What I […]

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What’s in the stand…

One of the people in the bike industry I respect is Lennard Zinn. I like to approach the bicycle from a technical stand-point. Lennard’s tech column in VeloNews and on are among my must reads whenever they come out. There is always something I learn from his tech columns. It was pretty cool when […]

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One for the bike mechanics…

You know you’ve been there. You’re supposed to install fenders on that bike with the internally geared hub, coaster brake, and, in this case, those big chrome domes of the Shimano Coasting bike. The fenders retail for $25. The actual time it would take to install the fenders because you have to take the rear […]

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Mr. Wizard stops by for a visit…

Years ago when I first got a real bike after graduating from college, I picked up an issue of Cyclist magazine in 1985. It’s one of two issues of Cyclist I saved from that year. In it, was a story about Charlie Cunningham written by famed cycling writer, Owen Mulholland. The sub-title of the story […]

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Another incredible ride to cap off a great month…

We are supposed to get rain on Thursday. It’s about time because the area really needs it. Water rationing is a very real possibility and a current reality down in Bolinas. However, the summer-like weather brought out the cyclists in droves to West Marin. I definitely attribute my January sales to the weather. Compared to […]

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Ho-hum, just some more everyday bikes in for repair…

With apologies to Guitar Ted, I really can’t help it when bikes like these “just show up” for work. The first is an early 90’s Salsa ala Carte with the trademark rasta jelly bean paint. It only needed new tires. The second is a Steve Potts CCR (Cross Country Racer) from about 1990. It’s brakes […]

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